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Lead Remediation


Case Study #4
American Osage Environmental was responsible for lead remediation and exterior painting on a historical building for the National Park Service at a site in Kansas. The project began in September and was completed in October, 2013. Wood surfaces were stripped using KDHE protocol for lead based paint removal.

In addition to the remediation and painting, this historical building had a copper roof that required primer and paint. The ranch house had metal medallions on the balcony. Some of these medallions were missing and required replicating the pattern. Five medallions were replicated.

Challenges for this project were the height of the building and the terrain and stone around the ranch house. A lift was used to reach the higher surfaces needing remediation. The historical double front entry door required lead removal, stain and varnish.

Communication and coordination between AOE, their subcontractors, and the client’s staff allowed this project to be completed on time without change orders.

Completed Tasks at 100%

  • Lead Based Paint Remediation
  • Repairs and Replication of Building Components
  • Prime and Paint