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Environmental Remediation

Case Study #1
American Osage Environmental was tasked by the client to conduct soil sampling on a site in South Carolina. In years prior to the renovation and transfer of ownership of these buildings, the paint on the window sills was scraped off and disposed. There was concern that paint may have fallen on the ground and contained lead. Two phases of work were proposed in association with this project. The purpose of Phase 1 was to sample the soils beneath the windows at each of the three buildings to determine whether lead may have contaminated the soil. Phase 2 was to be initiated if soil contamination was detected above regulatory limits for lead. Phase 2 involved conducting a removal action on lead contaminated soils exceeding regulatory limits

Phase 1 - Lead in soil sampling was performed at the site. Samples were collected from three separate buildings in accordance with Statement of Work. Each sample point location was restored with topsoil. Twenty-nine soil samples were collected from three separate buildings. Two of these buildings were being used as offices. One building was a carport for vehicle storage. The three buildings were erected on lots pushed out from the side of a hill. Soil samples were analyzed according to procedures specified in SW 846 Method 6010B for total lead. QA/QC procedures were implemented to maintain quality of operation activities in the field so that all data and resulting decisions were technically sound. All standard EPA sample handling and chain-of-custody procedures were followed during sampling and laboratory testing. Based on the results of the soil sampling and the client’s request, the project moved into Phase 2.

Phase 2 - American Osage Environmental provided personnel and performed remediation services for an entire side of one of the buildings. The remediation consisted of covering the soil with a black landscaping felt, topping with clean topsoil and finishing with grass seed and wheat straw, thus preventing the erosion of the new soil. Coordination with client staff and regulatory authorities allowed this project to be completed within a short turn around time per the request of the client. By splitting the project into 2 phases, a more efficient and effective remediation program was implemented.

Completed Tasks at 100%

  • Soil Sampling
  • Analysis
  • Sampling Report
  • Site Remediation