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Environmental Remediation

Case Study #3
American Osage Environmental was requested by a client to conduct indoor air quality testing and services involving the measurement and evaluation of parameters such as Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, temperature and relative humidity as well as airborne mold concentrations and radon concentrations.

An on-going project is being conducted in accord with the client wishes to have measurements of the indoor air quality in their buildings on a 6-month basis.  Each sampling period, locations are selected randomly and samples acquired over a one week period. The data are analyzed and placed in a database for the client to present background levels for each season and to indicate if a parameter is exceeding expectations based on the background data.

American Osage Environmental personnel manage the moving of equipment from location to location during the sampling period and our CIH produces a comprehensive report, alerting the client to any potential problems.


  • Air Sampling
  • Analysis
  • Reporting