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Environmental Remediation

Case Study #2
American Osage Environmental was responsible for conducting soil sampling at an office facility in Philadelphia, MS. In April 2002, an environmental audit was conducted. The maintenance shop was steam cleaning aboveground used oil tanks and the audit team a sheen was noticed on the concrete pad and stained ground near the concrete pad where they were rinsing. The shop contracted the remediation of the site with a contractor who applied Oil Gator to the spill site. No verification of remediation was provided that would satisfy the audit finding. Sample analysis was required to determine whether the site was fully remediated.

The purpose of this investigation was to determine if the spill site has been fully remediated or whether removal actions would be necessary to limit environmental liability. Site sampling activities occurred on June 14 and 15, 2005.

Seven soil samples were taken in the oil spill area. QA/QC procedures were implemented to maintain quality of operation activities in the field so that all data and resulting decisions were technically sound. All standard EPA sample handling and chain-of-custody procedures were followed during sampling and laboratory testing. Soil samples were analyzed for GRO, DRO and PAHs. The results indicated that the spill site had not been fully remediated, but on the surface only. Recommendation for remediation was the re-application of Oil Gator and re-testing in approximately sixty days to confirm site is clean.

Communication and coordination between AOE and the client’s staff allowed this project to be completed within a very short turnaround time. By re-applying Oil Gator at the advice of American Osage, the client was able to avoid costly excavation costs. Re-sampling will be completed by American Osage in 2006 to monitor progress of treatment.

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